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As Holly Buchanan notes, “Holy Cow. I’m speechless.” Well, not really (who, me?) She’s talking about the startling world-shaking news that the big ad agency Grey Worldwide has realized that it’s important to have a strategy (?!) Here’s part of what Grey had to say:

“In recent times, we’ve not had great clarity in our strategy. One of the huge wastes of time is to use creative teams to get to a strategic insight. That was often a problem on Mars (a former Grey account), where we’d work up 15 different commercials to get to the few that were right on,” said Mr. Mellors. “It would have been easier to start with a strong strategic brief.” Grey had strategic planners on staff, but they didn’t work together as a team.

Wow! If I were one of their clients, I’d be on the phone right now, asking for a big retroactive refund!

I grant you that “strategic planning” has gotten a lot of negative press – and justifiably so in many cases. Way too people have confused the means for the ends and consultants have numbed our brains with complicated methodologies that inhibit real work. But, if you’re creating without a plan – that’s rather like a surgeon deciding to start cutting and see what they find (Lots of interesting stuff in there!)

Holly’s got a lot more useful perspective, based on her background as a creative director – so click on over and read her entire post.

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