Strategy in the rear view mirror

Over at Being Reasonable, Marc is talking about brand/marketing guru’s Al Ries’ proposed test for strategies: reverse them and see if the result applies to the competition. (And, yes, we all have competition – for both wallet and mind share of the customer/client/donor).

Marc adds his “acid test” Does it add up to a reason to choose you – and not the competition.

I’d add one more reverse point of view: Look from the results back. Can you see how the proposed strategy will produce – in a progressive, realistic manner – the results you need. Keep in mind that “need” is often very different than “want.” Also, Rome (or any great organization) wasn’t built in a day or even year.

And, a final overall “reality check” – Can you, right now, with the resources you have now successfully implement the strategy? If you’re depending on a contract, VC or funder to implement that “killer” strategy, you should likely rethink it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a great strategy – and no business.


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