The personal piece in planning

Here’s another frequent blind spot for you: Forgetting your personal goals and needs when doing strategic and business planning.

People often get so focused on the “the bottom line” “results” and “stakeholder value” that they forget that they (the owners, leaders, managers, planners, implementers) have personal needs and goals too.

No, I’m not getting all “new-agey” on you. But if you’re not happy with your business or job – you’re not going to be doing your best either – which isn’t good for anybody.

So, here’s a quick five-minute reality check:

1. Write down three things that make you happy (and energized). Don’t think about it – just do it.
2. Write down three things (no more) that you want to personally accomplish.
3. Now, compare this to your business/organization goals. Is there a disconnect? Does it make you tired just looking at the business/organization goals? If so, then you need to do some more thinking about what’s best for both you and your business.


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