Getting to the next level

When talking with clients, I’m frequently told “I need help taking my business/group/organization to the next level.” And, I even use that “next level” term sometimes myself in talking about strategic planning and such.

But, what are we really talking about? And, is it even necessary? Often, the reason folks think they need to go up a level is the one they’re already on isn’t working.

Idea: Before you think about moving up (or ahead) – make sure you’re not missing the obvious right where you are. Example: Before spending more money on increasing your web traffic (after all, traffic doesn’t automatically translate into profits) – look at how you answer the phone; how you respond to customer problems; and how often you talk to your customers (even when – gasp – you’re not selling them something or asking for money!).

Bottom Line: There may nothing wrong with your level – you just may need to do some renovation (and look at the basics).

Read More: The Brickyard (great example re getting back to basics)


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