Meetings are what you make of them.

There must be something in the cyberair today, I was just writing a post about mutual accountability (presenter/audience, customer/salesperson) – and up pops this post by Seth Godin, Going to Meetings. Seth makes the excellent point that if we’ve got to go to meetings (with presenters, sales people, whatever) we should make them productive (and – ahem – not eat or sleep during them.) Presenters will do better if you engage with them. Salespeople are people too. And so on. To all of our benefits if we sit up, take notice, ask questions and do our best to be both interested and interesting.

I got on this thought path this a.m. after receiving a hand-written thank you note from a client along with her payment. Wow! That just made my day. Sure, I like the check, but that’s a requisite. The little note made me happy. And, happy vendors, like happy customers, will do mo’, better, faster. Good all the way around. Hmmm. I’ve got to run now – have some notes to write to good people at Verizon.

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