Duh! Loyalty to Employees

Dunce Last night I attended a fun gathering of the AIBA (Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance) where I won, as is my habit of late, the door prize. This month it was a for a two-hour consultation with local brand maven, Mary Ellen Merrigan. Mary Ellen is well known around these parts for her great work, including entrepreneurial education at WESTT Corp.

Great timing, as she said I was on her call list. And, as we were laughing at the meeting, this “marketing stuff” is so much easier for our clients than for ourselves. (I think I have a “brand” but do I really have a blind spot? Am I being brilliant or just bloviating? This stuff is like sweating blood sometimes.)

One of the things she included with my prize certificate was a “Loyalty Audit” which is two pages of common sense (which is all too uncommon.)

My “duh!” realization as I was reading it: Loyalty to Employees. I talk a lot about customer loyalty as well as valuing employees. But, I never (duh) put the two together in one thought or process. So, here you go, direct from Mary Ellen to you:

1. My direct reports have regularly scheduled reporting meetings with me during which time I give them my undivided attention.

2. I am accessible to employees on a regular basis; from time to time I walk around the facility with no specific agenda.

3. My company has an internal update system that is not required to go through me. (i.e. newsletter brief for employees, etc.)

4. I have a public reward/performance-recognition program for my employees.

I’d add that good ol’ fashioned things like a sincere thank you or a quick handwritten “attaboy” here and there works wonders for employee loyalty. That, and don’t think of them as “heads” to be counted or cut – they’re human beings.

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One Response to Duh! Loyalty to Employees

  1. scody says:

    Absolutely. Loyalty to employees is so often a forgotten element in success.

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