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Sandy’s article: Lay offs should be a last resort – but planned for in advance. (PDF file).

Mary’s columns:

Make sure you are ready for the rigors of entrepreneurship.
(New Mexico Business Weekly link)

Research and Set Your Goals Before Selecting a Consultant I start out by saying, “I hate consultants” so you know I give you some inside scoop.

Strategic Planning: Good Intentions don’t equal good results. (PDF file.)

Look backward and think forward: Assessing Markets When doing market assessments, you can learn much by looking backward, including “Don’t take anything for granted.” “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist … ,” were Union General John Sedgewick’s dying words.

Don’t drown in paperwork just because you’re growing. Written with my frequent collaborator, Deborah Weaver Parker. I hate paperwork, she loves it (most of time), but some of it is essential (as part of employee- and customer-friendly processes.)

How to make your web site more user friendly.
Written with Roxanne Darling of Bare Feet Studios. Bare Feet’s mission: Internet Literacy for Business. Technology can be fun (really) and produce business results!


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